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Professional translations in many languages
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Sworn translator of German Leszek Adam Mickiewicz
Translator of English Monika Maria Mickiewicz
In the company Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz you receive the translate services language combinations: Polish, English and German. So in our company „under one roof” there are possible translations from German to Polish and vice versa, from English to Polish and vice versa and from German to English and vice versa.

We also cooperate with trusted sworn translators of other languages. We will willingly contact them with our clients if they will need translations in other language pairs. More information about it you can find

The company offers translations in full range and in every field. We make both translations and interpretations. We cooperate with companies, institutions ans private persons.

Translations in our company:
- translations certified and uncertified form Polish to German and vice versa,
- uncertified translations in the combination of Polish, English and German
- translations in other language combinations are also possible.

Interpretations in our company:
- consecutive
- simultaneous
- interpretations of business conversations, conferences, meetings with notaries,
- telephone conversations services,
- others.

We translate among others:
company, trades, economic, legal, notarial, official, technical, tender, medical, motor documentation and every possible documents.

Besides of translations we also offer additional services, e.g.:
- help in correspondence with business partners from other countries,
- making letters, cover letters, applications and other documents,
- texts interpretation,
- texts proofreading,
- language training courses for companies,
- similar language services.

We invite to cooperation both companies and individual persons.
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