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Sworn translator of German Leszek Adam Mickiewicz
Translator of English Monika Maria Mickiewicz
After a few years of existing and continuing develop of our company and thanks to very good knowledge of the translation market, we are sure, that we can offer you the best translation services in the market.

Professional translation services
The company Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz provides complete service of companies, institutions and private persons irrespective of the translations subject matter and the translation project size.

High qualifications
We have a lot of experience in making translations in many fields. Our new clients often ask us, if we make translations in the fields of their activity, and - in connection with that - we can make the translation of their documentations. After a few years of carrying this activity and translating a lot of documents we can say, that it would be easier for us to point out an industry, that we did not have any contact so far.

Permanent qualification expanding
In our work we always put due care, to make our services as good as possible. We permanent improve our professional skills and qualifications. Every new translation, even if we do not have any problem with that, we perceive as a chance for getting new knowledge and improving the quality of our work.

Good practices and effective help
The cooperation with us is held on the basis of plain business rules and in a pleasant atmosphere. We do not only make translations, but we also - as far as possible - try to advice our clients. We neither carry a standard translation agency, nor make translations occasionally. We do not carry conventional service of our clients, and do not treat their problems like an object. We always approach our clients matters individually. We readily take an atypical freelance work on. We do our utmost, so the effects of our work cause success of our clients.

We help our clients to find and establish contact with business partners from other countries. Thanks to our commitment many companies were able to develop, and individual persons were able to carry their plans out.

Many clients
From the beginning of the company Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz has been serving many business clients and individual persons. Translations for institutions were made rarely. So we mainly turned ourself to companies and individual persons services. A lot of clients come to us only once. On the other hand huge amount of business entity, demands permanent translation service stay with us for a long time. We enjoy of their confidence and successful cooperation.

Efficient cooperation
We try to ensure, that we serve every clients. Our constant clients we assure our availability,  promptness in realisation of their translations, complete translation services on the highest level and efficient contact.

We invite you to contact with us.
We thank our clients for their confidence and cooperation. We invite new clients to contact with us.
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