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On this page we try to answer the most often questions of our clients.

1. Can I get a free sample of the translation?
We understand the interest of our new clients, how we make our translations. We know, that these clients, who have never been in contact with us earlier, would like to know our skills. But we do not make free translations. As a free sample of our translations, we create the section Sample translations. Thanks to the documents, which could be found there, you can inspect the quality of our work. Additionally our website was made in three languages, and the translation each of the sub-page we made personally. All sub-pages has reference to these three languages. The flags in the right-up corner of the screen move you to the given sub-page in the other language. It is the additional possibility to inspect of our translation work.

2. Is it possible to get references from your clients, to check you experience?
Making available of references are very often practice in many branches. It gives possibility to boast of the given company qualifications and document some previous achievements. Because we want to ensure our clients of discretion and maintain cooperation confidentiality, what arises due to the regulations related to the sworn translator profession, we decided not to make available our references neither on our website nor at our new clients request. The confidentially clause spreads not only on the fact, that we do not give any information about the market actions of the given client, but also on the cooperation conditions. For the potential competitor even the information, that the given client cooperates with the translator can be useful and, at the same, time harmful for the given client. In our opinion, that competing translations companies, which make their client references available, break the confidentiality and discretion clause, and at the same time harm theirs clients.

3. I am the owner of the company. I would like to expand my activity into international market and do my business with foreign business partners. I need to be sure of the translation service. I do not want, that in the most important moment of developing of my company „my translator went for holiday”, what may make the losses in my company. Do you assure, that this situation will never take place?
In short: yes. We understand the need for regular cooperation with the translator and his approachability. Of our regular clients we assure our approachability, good contact with us and permanent translation service. But we also ask our clients for understanding, when we want to go for holiday. In that situation we do not leave our client alone. We will inform our clients about the break in our activity and provide temporary service by the other translator or reschedule the order.

4. I gave one page to the translation. Why are there more pages in my translation?
It is very often. More details about it, you can find in
this article. Additionally, you should take into account the fact, that in the certified translations you can find some remarks of the translator, stamps, signatures etc., that makes more pages in the translations. On the other hand, it is very often, that the translation is shorter than the original document.

5. Is it possible to make translations in such a manner, that it will be visually identical with the original document?
Yes, in case of uncertified translations. If you would like to have translated e.g. some manual instruction of the machine in the pdf. file, you can agree with us, that the translation will be also made in the pdf. file. Then we will also keep the identical form of the document (photographies, text, menu etc.).

6. Can I contact with you outside your working hours?
Our working hours you can find in the bookmark
contact. Every official affairs, please do within of our official hours. Nevertheless, we know that the unexpected circumstances of our clients may make that the contact with us will be necessary immediately. In the exceptional situations we can accept the order outside of our working hours, but we ask our clients for previous phone call.

7. Why in the bookmark „recommended websites” are not any links to the websites of your clients?
Please, see point 2 of this FAQ.

8. How much many I must pay for the translation in the company Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz?
According to the custom, the price of the translation is a result from the amount of the calculative pages in the writing translations or amount of the hours put aside for the interpretation. As you can see, we do not publish the price list on our website. Every individual settles with our clients are information subject which comprise commercial secret. On our regular clients request we can agree constant cooperation rules. We are sure, that our services are not the cheapest, because - as you know from
that article - the lower translation cost, the worse quality of this translation. We keep our services on the highest level, but it dose not mean, that for our translations we charge an exorbitant price.

9. How much many I must pay for the translation made by the translator cooperated with the company Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz, for example for the translation from French?
We have chosen the translators, who work with us at bigger translations project, or who make for us translations from other languages on the grounds of theirs qualifications and position on the market. Theirs services are on the highest level, so the costs of theirs work are similar to our prices.

10. Haw long do I have to wait for the realisation of the translation?
The term of translation realisation depends on two things: how big and complicated the text is. As we have direct influence on the time of realisation translations made by the company Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz and we can give our client an accurate time of the order realisation, we do not have that influence on the translations from other language, and we can only give our client the approximate time of translation. Every information about the time of realisation yours translation you can get at the time of ordering. We arrange our work efficiently, so usually we work relatively fast. For example, the translation of some document, contained only a few pages A4, you can get within a few hours. But, if we have a lot of orders, it is possible that even for these few pages you will have to wait a bit longer. Nevertheless if you need the translation in the express mode, we can also do that.

11. I would like to employ the translator form the company Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz in my company. Is it possible?
It is not possible. We operate our own business activity and we have to assure our clients objectivity and approachability, what will not be possible in case of working in your company.

12. The registered office of my company is not in Poland. Could you issue an invoice for the company, that do not have registered office in Poland?
To assure our service for clients form outside Poland we registered EU VAT number. Thanks to that we can issue the invoice for the company from outside Poland. For clients e.g. form Germany, it is in so far profitable, as the amount of VAT in that invoice is 0%. Thanks to that you will avoid double taxation and unnecessary formality during tax recovery.

13.  When can I expect the bookmarks „Articles” and „Sample translations” updating?
Both bookmarks are very important for us. Thanks to them we want to bring closer our work and translation market to our clients. But both bookmarks are only the supplement of our Internet offer and we develop them as far as we have free time. We cannot predict when we will update these bookmarks. About the news in these bookmarks we will be inform systematically wit the use of the banner below the menu on the left side of the screen. That banner will appear when we upload our website and will be there for some time.

14. What does the name of you company „Tłumaczenia Mickiewicz” mean in fact?
It is easy - it means „Mickiewicz translations”.

Do not you find the answer? We invite you to visit the bookmark contact.
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